How to make this page

An introduction to using the StackEdit Markdown editor in order to create a simple webpage.

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StackEdit Account

This step is not necessary but it allows you to directly synchronize your StackEdit work with GitHub, GitLab, CouchDB, etc.

Go to StackEdit and create an account by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner and signing in with Google.

StackEdit Account

Your Markdown

Now start writing your Markdown using StackEdit.


You can use the Markdown Cheat Sheet to take a look at the possibilities StackEdit’s Markdown offers.

Cheat Sheet

Exporting your code

Export your work as HTML, PDF, Pandoc or Markdown

PDF and Pandoc require you to workmake a donation.

You can also publish it to a cloud service or synchronize it with GitLab, GitHub, etc.


Clicking OK will create a complete HTML File (if you chose Styled HTMLl, the HTML will contain a link to a css file).
Clicking Copy will, well, copy the code. The same applies as above if you chose Styled HTML.

Congratz! You’ve just created this webpage. Okay, at least its content.

I’ve added the following CSS in order to center the content. This CSS is located in a main.css file.:

.container {
                display: flex;
                justify-content: center;
                align-items: center;

Which means that my boilerplate code looks something like this:

<!DOCTYPE  html>
            <html  lang="en">
                    <meta  charset="UTF-8">
                    <meta  name="viewport"  content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
                    <meta  http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"  content="ie=edge">
                    <title>How to make this page</title>
                    <link  rel="stylesheet"  href="/css/main.css">
                    <link  rel="stylesheet"  href=""  />
                    <div  class="container">
                        <div  class="inner-container">
                            <div class="stackedit__html">
                                <h1  id="how-to-make-this-page">How to make this page</h1>
                                <!-- other content -->

You can download the full source code on GitLab